Technology: Ultrasonic Vapour Technology

Nebulizer Body: S.S. 304

Sanitizer: Any Liquid Sanitizer

Capacity: 5 liters sanitizer

Dispensing: 5 ml for one cycle

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty

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Technical Specification

Technology:             Ultrasonic Vapour Technology

Nebulizer Body:       S.S. 304

Sensor:                     Movement Sensor

System Weight:        Approx 160 KG

Structure:                  Aluminium Board

Light:                        3 Watt Blue Led Light

MCB:                        10 AMP.  DP (L&T Make)

Mode Of Operation: Fully Automatic

Usage:                      Domestic & Commercial

Dimension:               H-7 Feet, D-5 Feet, W-5 Feet

Outlet:                      4′ Diameter

Supply Voltage:        220-2240V, 50Hz

Power Consumption: 300 Watt (@Operation Mode)


Features Of CoroGuard

⇒ India 1st ultrasonic vapour tech.base tunnel.

⇒ The entrance does not get wet.

⇒ No used of Hydrochloric Acid / H²O².

⇒ No HarmFul For Human Body & didn’t get wet.

⇒ Only 20ml sanitizer used to the disinfect human body.

⇒ Fully automatic operation.

⇒ Both side movement sensor.

⇒ Blue Colour LED Lightning.

⇒ Aluminium based structure for long life.

⇒ Non-Skating Mat.

⇒ Separate panel box for electrical wiring.

⇒ Easy to install.

⇒ Transparent tank to measure liquid level.

⇒ Overflow outlet system.

⇒ A separate outlet for draining.

⇒ Coroguard

⇒ MCB Base protection with proper earthing.

⇒ Fully waterproof wiring.

⇒ Emergency stopper.

⇒ One year warranty against any manufacturing defect.


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